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AstroDMx Capture for Linux

AstroDMx Capture - Version 0.68.1

The latest version of AstroDMx Capture for Linux is 0.68.1. The software is distributed in three alternative packages and can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

  • The changelog for all versions can be found on the changelog page
  • If you are having problems running AstroDMx, then please visit: the help page
  • For an overview of the main features, please see the overview page.
  • AstroDMx Capture requires a relatively new version of Linux (with at last glibc version 2.17). Distributions older than three years may not be suitable.

IMPORTANT: Due to SDK availability, the SVBONY SV305 is only supported on x86-64 Linux. The SV305 is not supported on any version of the Raspberry Pi (32bit or 64bit). SVBONY have stated that they are working on an SDK but, as of May 2020, this SDK does not exist. It is therefore currently impossible for the SV305 to be implemented for the Raspberry Pi.

Release Information

0.6x versions are a major update to the previous versions of AstroDMx. In addition to DSLR tethering support, there has been a significant rewrite of performance critical sections of the application. These changes have been designed to takes better advantage of multi-core CPUs and powerful GPUs. Something in the order of 8,000 lines of code have been refactored or completely rewritten and as a result, AstroDMx should achieve higher frame rates on older or slower computers.

As 0.6x versions have such significant changes, there is the possibility of bugs or other anomalies. If you encounter problems, then please report them to the developer.

For more information about 0.6x versions, please refer to the changelog.

  • NOTE: Check back regularly to look for maintenance and major releases

Install - RPM and DEB

To install for Debian based systems, please do the following from the terminal:

sudo dpkg --install astrodmx-capture_0.66.2_amd64.deb

To install for Fedora, please do the following from the terminal:


yum install AstroDMx_Capture-0.66.2.x86_64.rpm

Manual Installer

If your distribution does not support RPM or DEB or you have a problem using these installers, then you can use the manual installer. The installation procedure is as follows and should be done as root. Either prefix with 'sudo' or 'su to root' and at step one, change "installer_file_name.tar.gz to the correct tarball name.

Note that there is no preceding slash '/' before etc and usr

tar xzvf installer_file_name.tar.gz

cd x86_64 (or cd rpi)

cp etc/udev/rules.d/* /etc/udev/rules.d/

cp -r usr/share/* /usr/share/

cp -r usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture /usr/local/

udevadm control --reload-rules

cd /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/bin

./astrodmx_capture -D2

If the options to start AstroDMx Capture do not appear in the system's menus then logout and log back in. AstroDMx Capture can always be started manually by using the following procedure:

cd /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/bin



The latest version of AstroCrop for Windows and Linux is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

Aspect Ratio Corrector

The latest version of Aspect Ratio Corrector for Windows is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Although there is no native Linux version, the Windows version runs perfectly under Wine.

Known Issues

Ubuntu 20.04 Problems

Problem 1

Ubuntu 20.04 introduces an incompatibility with the version of libstdc++.so.6 distributed with version 0.68.1. If AstroDMx Capture does not start on Ubuntu 20.04 then remove libstdc++.so.6 which is located in /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/lib

Problem 2

New builds of Ubuntu 20.04 cause AstroDMx Capture to take about 20 seconds to start. Systems upgraded from previous versions of Ubuntu are not affected.

Both of these problems will be corrected in the next release of AstroDMx Capture.

Raspberry PI QHY Cameras: 0.66 and above

Due to an issue in the QHY SDK, long exposures sometimes take longer than expected. Depending upon your timeout settings, the connection monitor might reset the camera. The timeouts can be changed or the connection monitor can be disabled from the options drop-down menu.

Versions 0.50.x and below

If multiple camera controls are changed during a long exposure then the last control will take effect, all others will be cancelled. For example, if the user changes the exposure to one minute and then immediately changes the gain, then the exposure control will be cancelled. To avoid this issue, change one control and wait for the exposure to complete.

ZWO USB2 Cameras

There are various issues with the ZWO ASI120MC USB2 camera running under Linux. These issues are not caused by AstroDMx Capture but are due to this camera having an invalid max packet size. These issues do not affect ZWO USB3 cameras. For more information about these issues, visit the Technical help page