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Software Licence

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AstroDMx Capture for Linux and macOS

AstroDMx Capture - Version 0.78.5

The latest version of AstroDMx Capture is 0.78.5. The various distributions can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate tab below.

  • The changelog for all versions can be found on the changelog page
  • If you are having problems running AstroDMx, then please visit: the help page
  • For an overview of the main features, please see the overview page.

Release Information

This release (0.78.5) has had significant code changes to facilitate porting to additional platforms. It is therefore possible that this version may have bugs that have not discovered during our internal testing. If you discover any problems or anomalies, then please contact the developer..

Click here to use the to use the Bug Report form

AstroDMx Capture Downloads

Click the appropriate box below to download AstroDMx Capture.

2020-10-28: A new release will be made soon to fix various bugs discovered since the 0.78.5 release. The new release will also support cooling for ZWO and QHY cameras. Check back regularly

NOTE: This section is currently under development, please download AstroDMx Capture from the 'Linux x86-64' tab (above)

NOTE: The following downloads should work on any x86-64 CPU manufactured from 2006 (core 2 microarchitecture).

  • CPUs older than 2006 might not be supported. If this is the case, then AstroDMx Capture could crash at startup.

  • For help installing AstroDMx Capture, see the Installation Instructions

NOTE: Regrettably, the macOS edition of AstroDMx Capture does not support the SVBONY SV305 or the SV305PRO. This is because SVBONY has not provided an SDK (software development kit) and without an SDK it is not possible to implement these cameras.


The latest version of AstroCrop for Windows and Linux is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

Aspect Ratio Corrector

The latest version of Aspect Ratio Corrector for Windows is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Although there is no native Linux version, the Windows version runs perfectly under Wine.