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Problem Reports

Please use the following form to report bugs in AstroDMx Capture. It is important to provide as much information as possible and it would help if you were to upload the data obtained from the AstroDMx Capture debugging mode.

You can run the software in debugging mode by using one of the two following methods and upload the log file at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: This bug report form is currently optimised for Linux. For now, if you are reporting a problem with macOS, please enter zero in any field that doesn't apply.

Method 1

Start the application by using the debugging icon (available in the main menus)

Upload the debugging file located in $HOME/AstroDMx_LOGS

Method 2

cd /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/bin

export GDK_BACKEND=x11


export CAMLIBS=/usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/gphoto/2.5.25

export IOLIBS=/usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/gphoto/0.12.0

./astrodmx_capture -D2 &>$HOME/log_file

Upload the log_file from the root of your home directory

If you would prefer to contact the developer, Nicola Mackin, directly, then please send an email to:

Bug Reports

Bug Report Form

This information can be obtained by typing lscpu | grep Model into a terminal session.
This information can be obtained by typing lscpu | grep Flags (Simply copy and paste the block returned)
Please specify if you have or intend to upload a debugging log file. Once you click submit (below) you will have to return to this page in order to upload the log file.

Debugging Data

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